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Ten Years

Throwback Thursday: Pollyn

We published a single from an LA-based three-piece band back in 2011 that called themselves Pollyn. The single was called “How Small We Are” and featured a dark-haired, dark-skinned front woman with a sense of humour. I just came across the latest album by Pollyn called “Distress Signals” and Genevieve Artadi, the lead singer of the band, has seemingly morphed into a short blond haired firecracker (who is missing her left eye in some cases).

I get it. People change their hair colour, their hair-style, their clothes… people change. And there has been six years between each album. So it would be silly to expect the band to look the same.

Through all of this, one thing has stayed consistent however. The sound. The band is tight as ever, and the songs are catchy as fuck. That’s why I’d like to dedicate this #ThrowbackThursday to Pollyn and their latest album, DISTRESS SIGNALS.

Pollyn – Don’t You Want My Love

Pollyn – Automatic Response

Pollyn – Distress Signals (Larry Gus remix)

Pollyn – Don’t You Want My Love – (The Twelves J’MIG remix)