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Ten Years

Totally Retro: Fuel Injection

YES! Its time for another one If my favourite posts to do, Totally Retro, A collection of wonderful synths and funky 80’s beats! enjoy.

First up is a track I fell in love with. Lifelike is a fucking amazingly talented artist with tons of top notch productions, this track makes me want to travel back to the 80’s, dip my face into a bowl of coke and drive up & down Miami beach in a red Lamborghini . #ViceCityFan4Life

I have to thank one of my readers for pointing me to Noir Deco, I hadn’t heard of them before and they seem to be quite popular! Anyway here is one of my favourite tracks I heard from them.

I’m so madly in love with this track, the fact that most of you have probably heard it is irrelevant, this one goes out to you Synth novices who will now be experiencing this audible orgasm brought to you by the insanely talented Com Truise.

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