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Ten Years

Triphop Meets Dubstep

This week I’ve been on a chilled out dubstep kick. I suppose this might not represent your typical dubstep sound in that it doesn’t have that overwhelming bass line that Rusko and Skream have come to shape the genre with. It does have that unmistakable dubstep snare hook and heavy electronic sampling, but just slowed down enough that you can listen to it outside of a club.

[audio:|titles=Bullet Proof]
La Roux Bulletproof (Major Lazer remix)
By now you probably know the Diplo+Switch team-up known as Major Lazer. This is a little different from what they usually put out, but quite a nice departure from the gun shots, and heavily repeating vocal samples. Instead they opted for an Ivy League sounding piano melody over La Roux’s creamy vocals.

[audio:|titles=Natural Blues]
Moby Natural Blues (Lulu + Stella Polaris remix)
This was an incredibly hard track to get my hands on, but totally worth it. I think I’ve heard this track remixed a few times, but this is by far my favorite. The bass rolls off in the darkest way, but it still has an overall snappy upbeat feel. And the subtly of Moby wraps the track up nicely.

[audio:|titles=Magical World]
Bassnectar Magical World (featuring Nelly Furtado)
Bassnectar is another one of those artists that likes to do some heavy trip hop / dubstep tracks. Here he lightens it up with some incredible vocals from Nelly Furtado over some dark step. pretty epic.

[audio:|titles=Make Love]
Daft Punk Make Love (Jeuce rework)
A good resurrection of a song from their (lesser known/ listened to?) last album.