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Michael Belsar remixes the latest Fonteray track into a deep house harmonic belter

Fonteray is the new project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Drew McCarty. The project combines McCarty’s love for indie, neo-soul and vintage synths to create something that is musically colorful and easy to pop to. Fonteray’s debut single, “Stay Close” was released alongside a colorful and evocative video that sees a spaceman entering a a rave forest at night.

In September, Fonteray released his second single called “Flash Of Colour” which built on his vibrant indie electronic sound. And then last month, Michael Belsar gave the track a bit of a remix to make the track more dancefloor ready without spoiling that indie flavor.

While this is the first release under the Producer’s name, Michael Belsar is no newcomer on the scene. Having cut his teeth in indie electronic act Hunting Grounds, Belsar has since been working with the likes of Ashwarya, G-Flip, and Hayden James, as well as recording and producing local acts from his Abbotsford studio. Belsar has taken his intimate knowledge of ‘Flash of Colour’ (having produced the original with Fonteray), and completely re-imagined it. While the vocal top-line and certain sonic elements remain, Belsar’s version takes the listener on a unique journey. Along with its layered and textural harmonic bed, the bouncy, undulating bassline and crisp percussion propel the track forward, building into the remix’s new euphoric hook. The result is a track that can be admired for its highly detailed and sonically rich production just as much as its infectious and danceable groove. 

Keep an eye out for new singles from Fonteray shortly and a brand new Chapel remix of his debut single ‘Stay Close.’

Fonteray – Flash Of Colour (Michael Belsar remix)

Fonteray – Flash Of Colour

Fonteray – Stay Close

Music Video Directed by Alyssa Baker