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Your New Favorite Rapper is Asian

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“New York City bitch, that’s where I come from, not where I moved to on mom and dad’s trust fund”

Twenty something New Yorker Nora Lum is about to be your new favorite rapper. And guess what, she’s Asian… deal with it.

Known on the streets as “Awkwafina,” Lum has started carving out an identity as a witty thinking-mans-rapper who satirizes everything from hipsters to being a tourist in New York. She struggles with the idea of being pigeon holed as rapper who is all about fun and penis jokes however (not that that is a bad thing in my opinion). “I can’t tell if I want to be a rapper who’s funny because I kind of enjoy just doing really stupid songs about nothing,” she says. “But I want to have a career that’s long-lasting and I don’t think people want to listen to a straight-up comedy rapper all the time.”

[audio:|titles=NYC Bitche$]
Awkwafina – NYC Bitche$

[audio:|titles=My Vag]
Awkwafina – My Vag