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A Few Indie Songs For Sunday

Getting back in touch with the more indie side of life this weekend. Here are a few of the bands I got my eyes (and ears) on.

[audio: Do You Want Me For.mp3|titles=Overlord – What Do You Want Me For?]
Overlord – What Do You Want Me For?

Overlord released their new album, In Soviet Russia, My Heart Breaks You this past April. This is the lead track off the album.

[audio:|titles=Clock Opera – Belongings]
Clock Opera – Belongings

“Belongings” is the new single from Clock Opera. Love how this song has an incredibly long build and then just releases into a fury of indie-pop + harmonic deliciousness. Check out the rad video they did also:

[audio: Mountain We Love.mp3|titles=Theme Park – A Mountain We Love]
Theme Park – A Mountain We Love

Theme Park is another band out of the UK that has a great upbeat indie-pop sunny sound. This is their debut single “A Mountain We Love.” Check out the video for “Wax” on youtube. It has a bunch of sweet make-out scenes (and the songs pretty much awesome too).