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A way to work the hip hop

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After the recent Grammy nomination of local producer Juan Campodónico (he will be competing in the LatinRock, Urban and Alternative group), its clear that the uruguayan music is becoming more open and interesting for a broader audience. This is also a great chance to become closer to some other musicians of my town that are really worth listening, at least for the sake of trying.

This time I would recommend the sound of latejapride*, a very particular form of a hip hop band. La Teja, one of the most deprived neighbourhoods of Montevideo, came up in the mid-2000s with a pulse for the word and a use of the hip hop as a mere climatic tool. Books use to say that, as there are few possibilities to be uruguayan, musician and rich (or at least prosperous), artists are more free to make experimental music without bondaries.

La Teja Pride has evolved from that personality to a more complex one. One that allows the same respect for the word, the compromise with an attitude of not falling in the genre´s clichés and easy choruses and, at the same time, the possibility of being a more fun and vibrant band, especially live. “Las palabras y la tormenta” (the words and the storm) is like a very dark colourful palette. The message and the soul of their music remains the same, but inserted and invaded by 8-bit sounds and some glitch. The mix shows how a band so far away can work with their essence and cross it with some world pop trends. In the video you will see them in acoustic and urban mode in 18 de Julio, Montevideo´s main avenue. But I strongly encourage you to search for the original tunes. They also have a remix with Campo. You can also see more of them in this great EPK.