The New LoFi

Ten Years

August 2022 Mixtape

This month we’ve got new music from Luxxury, Mura Masa, Channel Tres, Shy Girl, Sofia Kourtesis, Harry Romero and a Roosevelt remix of a Jose Gonzalez song called “Swing.” Quite a dancey take on a Jose Gonzalez.

Oh, and on the intro I mentioned my favorite artist names, but I forgot to mention that on top of my favorite monikers, I usually also have a favorite song title from each mix as well. My favorite title on this mix has to go to Suff Daddy this month for his track entitled “Trouble In Wackyland, Part II.” I mean… there’s a whole story in that title before you even press play on the track. I want to know what goes on in Wackyland and what trouble in the land of wack looks like. And if this is part II, what happened in part I ?!?! It’s fascinating. haha.

This mix is like a continuation from last month. The mix starts off with a bit of chilled-out daytime disco and balearic beats to warm you up. Then it dives into some festival-grade electronic music. Featuring new music from, AMEME, LUXXURY, Mura Masa, Channel Tres, Shy Girl, Sofia Kourtesis, Harry Romero, Roosevelt, and much more.

And finally, if you haven’t already, you should check out our Ten Year Anniversary album in beautiful translucent yellow vinyl. If you want to give the record a sample before you buy, have a listen on our mixtape special podcast here.

August 2022 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Dougie Stu – Joy Ride (Jeff Parker Remix) (04:47)
  2. Suff Daddy – Trouble In Wackyland Pt. II (08:00)
  3. Vegyn – I See You Sometimes (feat. Jeshi) (11:27)
  4. Poolside – Harvest Moon (Roosevelt Remix) (14:28)
  5. José González – Swing (Roosevelt Remix) (20:58)
  6. LUXXURY – Alright (26:12)
  7. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – A Dream I Have (28:30)
  8. Mura Masa, Shygirl, Channel Tres – hollaback bitch (32:40)
  9. Andrew Mathers – Touba (Extended Mix) (35:19)
  10. QVLN x OVEOUS – Queimar (38:41)
  11. Melé – Talkin’ Drums (feat. Toure Kunda) (42:27)
  12. Perel – Matrix (Sofia Kourtesis Remix) (47:58)
  13. Moreno Pezzolato – Rise Up (Harry Romero Remix) (50:42)
  14. OVEOUS x Don Kamares – Legacy (Dubstrumental) (55:05)
  15. Clive From Accounts – Moon Buggy (58:10)
  16. AMEME – Balafonerra (Extended Mix) (01:03:00)
  17. Honey Dijon – Love Is A State Of Mind (feat. Ramona Renea) (01:08:02)
  18. CID x WILL K – OoooH (01:13:27)
  19. Eliza Rose – B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) (01:18:19)
  20. Meg Ward – Last All Night (1-800 Girls Remix) (01:23:28)
  21. SHERELLE – 160 DOWN THE A406 (01:29:00)