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Ten Years

July 2022 Mixtape

Happy Friday everyone. Sorry this month’s mixtape is a bit late. The good news is that it’s July! And Summer is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere.

This month we’ve got new music from Nubya Garcia, JUNGLE, Fred Again.., BICEP, Axel Boman, Joy Orbison, HAAi, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins,  and an electronic producer called “Barry Can’t Swim.”

Last month the mixtape was a celebration of the start of summer. But while last month’s podcast was a mix of summer jazz, surf rock, reggae and island music, this month is a combination of balearic beats, melodic techno, and sunny summer house music. 

There’s a full playlist below, but here are some video links to compliment the mix:

Check out the brand new JUNGLE video for their single “GOOD TIMES / PROBLEMZ”

If you couldn’t get to Glastonbury this year, here’s one of the highlights: Four Tet performing “Looking At Your Pager” on stage

Oh, and as mentioned, check out a preview of the Ten Year Anniversary album on our mixtape special podcast here.

Okay, on with the mix. Follow the links in the playlist below to find out more about each artist on the mix and how to support them.

The Monthly Mixtape is also available on iTunes, and Stitcher.

July 2022 Mixtape

  1. Nubya Garcia – Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be (Nala Sinephro remix) (08:25)
  2. JUNGLE – GOOD TIMES (10:34)
  3. Dougie Stu – Henny (Resavoir Remix) [feat. Jeff Parker] (13:19)
  4. Common Goldfish – Shout Louder (17:09)
  5. Rudy Norman – Back To The Streets (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito) (20:17)
  6. Melle Brown – Feel About You (ft Annie Mac) (27:27)
  7. Secret Night Gang – Captured (31:50)
  8. LF SYSTEM – Afraid To Feel (38:31)
  9. Loods – Never The Same (41:41)
  10. Barry Can’t Swim – Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (45:45)
  11. Fred again.. – Jungle (48:27)
  12. VTSS – Make You Scream (51:04)
  13. jamesjamesjames – My Purple iPod Nano (2nd Gen) (54:15)
  14. BICEP – MELI (II) (59:18)
  15. Einmusik – Small Stone (01:04:42)
  16. MAÜ – Pressure (01:11:21)
  17. Axel Boman – Don’t Breathe Yet (01:15:19)
  18. Dauwd – La Nota (01:21:55)
  19. Joy Orbison – born slipping (w/ tyson) (01:25:42)
  20. HAAi x Jon Hopkins – Baby, We’re Ascending (01:28:47)
  21. KH (aka Four Tet) – Looking At Your Pager (01:35:15)