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Ten Years

Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison’s music has been my go to music for soft summer days for a few years now. Her latest album Dejenme LLorar (“Let Me Cry”) was released in 2012 and it’s one of those records that you enjoy listening to all the way through or just get excited when you hear one of the tracks sprinkled into a mix. Her style stands out, but in a subtle way. In a gentle way. It’s an album that you can really get in touch with your sadness with, but her talent gives you strength to move on.

Stream Dejenme Llorar on the Carla Morrison Soundcloud page then go buy the album on Amazon (I have no doubt you’ll want to.

Carla Morrison – No quise mirar

Carla Morrison – Apague mi mente

Carla Morrison – Me encanta

Carla Morrison – Maleza

Babaluca – I’m lost
Named in honor of her nephew, Babaluca is an alt-rock project Carla formed with Nick Kizer and Nichole Petta.