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Chillwave Wednesday CXXII


We have a particularly international Chillwave Wednesday for you this week, with artists from all over the world.

Australian based Young Franco kicks things off with their new single “Miss You” followed by “Run,” the new track from British producer William Phillips (aka Tourist). Imagine Herbal Flows mixes some smooth sounds from Washington DC with their new single “Awake” while Auryn Tate Waring and Felix Treadwell (aka Shinamo Moki) share time between Shanghai and South London to bring us the title track off their new EP, Artificial Beach. Also in Asia is the South Korean based artist thurxday who brings us the track “shoreditch” while back in Europe, Polish born Wiktoria Kolosowa lends her voice to Brazilian based producer I.Y.F.F.E’s new single “So High.” To finish off the mix German-based producer Schwebestoff brings us his debut with a terrific ambient track called “Jupiter.”

Ten tracks from artists in eight different countries. Not bad.

PS: The chill is also now available on Spotify. See all of the tracks posted to Chillwave Wednesday each week on Spotify here:

This week’s playlist

  1. Young Franco — Miss You
  2. Tourist — Run
  3. IHF — Awake
  4. Shinamo Moki – Artificial Beach [ft. Meuko Meuko]
  5. thurxday — shoreditch
  6. VanJess — Touch the Floor (feat. Masego)
  7. I.Y.F.F.E x THAI – So High (feat. Wiktoria Kolosowa)
  8. SIVIK – All Day All Night (Lliam Taylor Remix)
  9. Jimmy Q — Chasing (Feat. Raiche)
  10. Schwebestoff — Jupiter

Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.