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Crystal Fighters

At Home is a track off of Crystal Fighters debut album Star of Love. I’ve heard people call their sound “folk-tronic”  and “basquetronica” which is kind of right on point. The reason I’m really digging this song is it’s strong rhythms and the almost tribal chant-like chorus that somehow go really well when played right before or after Total Warr’s new single Sidibaboue that I posted yesterday. These two songs could have been on a 7″ split. The rest of this album gets even more “dancey,” and plays in the dubstep sandbox a little.

At Home by Crystal Fighters

Check out some remixes of At Home, the rest of the album and all sorts of other great remixes and acoustic version on the Crystal Fighters Soundcloud page here.

You can buy the album and a bunch of other merch on the official Crystal Fighters site here.


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