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Eric Harvey’s Debut Album, Lake Disappointment

It’s been a while since i’ve heard a record that moved me as much as Eric Harvey’s debut album, “Lake Disappointment.” On first listen, I wasn’t sure what to think (which is my initial reaction to most albums that have such an original sound that you can’t easily categorize it with the rest of music you are listening to at the time). But the more you listen to it, the more you grow to love it.

I admit, I’m at the tail end of a breakup. I’ve had to watch the person I love slowly slip away and our life together fall apart, so this album speaks to where I am in life. But Harvey is able to identify very closely with those kind of feelings and then find a positive spin to pull you through the other side.

Lake Disappointment was recorded at Public Hi-Fi in Austin, Texas, Electric Wilburland in Ithaca, New York, and Tomcast Studio in Dallas, Texas. It was released last week and you can stream the full album for free on Eric Harvey’s Bandcamp page.

Eric Harvey – Tried & True

Eric Harvey – Year of the Rat

Eric Harvey – Born to Break