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Ten Years

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

For me, the best part of watching skateboarding or snowboarding videos is not the crazy stuff people pull or watching people destroy themselves bailing; it’s the music people pick for their parts. I’ve gotten turned on to so much music this way. If not for Marc Johnson’s technical throw down in Girl’s yeah right, I may have never heard Joy Division. Usually Hip hop or Punk rules the day, sometimes some dance or electronica drizzles in, and count on Metal to peek it’s head in and says hello. Once in a while though, an astonishing soundtrack occurs. One that, unless audio and video are playing against each other, the idea wouldn’t make sense. The connection would never be made. Like when someone took chocolate and peanut butter and put ’em together and BAM! Apart you could never imagine them but together, Atta boy!

Such is the case in Mr. Ronnie Creager’s part in The Blind Video. Picking Tears For Fears for his part? Go ahead – I dare you not to smile : ) So, here’r the goods:

Rule from Nas on 2001’s Stillmatic

Brazil’s Joe K & Renato Borges Remix

Also included is a pretty unexpected video of The Foals from On Track.

[audio: rule.mp3|titles=Nas – rule]
Nas – Rule

[audio: Wants to Rule the World (Joe K & Renato Borges Remix).mp3|titles=Joe K & Renato Borges – Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Joe K & Renato Borges Remix)]
Joe K & Renato Borges – Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Joe K & Renato Borges Remix)