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Fresh Friday Mix: Kauf’s December Mix 2011

We’ve been waiting for our favorite LA based electro-summer-pop artist, Kauf, to release a full length album ever since we posted up his two singles, “When You’re Out” and “Relocate.” So when we heard that he had released a mix for December to hold us over, we were pretty stoked.

There are elements in the mix that remind me of the 80’s and disco but in a more dark and brooding way. It’s a whole new side to Kauf compared to the summer soaked tracks we posted before.

And if you are wondering who some of the artist are on this mix… well, Kauf thought it would be cool to leave that mystery up to you the listeners to discover. So here is your official challenge… if you know any of these tracks then post the Artist, Title, and time the track starts in the comments.

Kauf – Lost in Records Mix