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Fresh Friday Mix: RVBRA

Fresh Friday Mix, Friday the 13th edition!!! Featuring up-and-coming Italian DJ: RVBRA. What is RVBRA? “RVBRA is all the things you love, all things you hate, all things you are unaware of. RVBRA is Nicki Minaj’s ass, RVBRA is Micheal Jordan’s dunk or Michael Jordan dunking into Nicki Minaj’s ass. Big fat booty moovin’. Beardy men.”

This mix has got some obscure bangers like Schlachthofbronx’s remix of Onyenze as well as remixes of popular joints like Nas’s “The Don” and the Nicki Minaj track “Dance.” Whatever RVBRA is, he put together one dirty fucking mix for Lucky Beard Rec that is well suited to kick off all the scary shit you will be getting into this Friday the 13th!

RVBRA – Rvbra Mix for Lucky Beard Rec

1. Rvbra – Grow Your Beard
2. The Rox – Fill Werrell
3. Fuuku – You Got It
4. Stabber – Wooh
5. Rvbra – Cayuga
6. Wafa – Abandon Me (Crookers Remix)
7. Onyenze – Onwu Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
8. Nas – The Don
9. Dj Sliink – Putcha Back Into It
10. Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – Dance (Ass) (Rvbra Bootleg Remix)
11. Rvbra – Jafra
12. El-P – The Full Retard