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Ten Years

Sunday Munchies #12

Another week, this time getting back into a routine of having classes  and getting up early… kinda hard when the sun is shining through the window like a stray beam of energy sent right down from place quite literally “out of this world”. I guess that is why we have Weekends, and weekends are why we have such awesome relaxing music to calm the soul after a busy week.

Here is but a taste of what ive discovered this past week, hope you find something that manages to chill you right out.

Today I have another little gem from the very talented Yasuaki, the man behind The Room Small. Since the last time I featured his music on this blog he´s told me that he has been getting a lot of hits on his soundcloud and that Im to thank for it ! I couldnt be happier that he´s receiving more attention. His latest release showcases more of his delightfully calm style of production, here it is:

And last but not least, My favorite track of the day, a wonderful remix by by one of my favorite artists, Tensake.