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Ten Years

Fuzzworthy: Pooltheory – The Dreamer


I stole upwards to 3 body washes, 4 lotions, and 3 shampoos from the hotel. When you’re struggling to find shifts and pay for your habitual drug habits, every damn dollar you can scrounge is a dollar you can spend elsewhere. My trip would’ve been infinitely better had this tune come out last week as opposed to eight hours ago, but alas…

Details are scarce on Pooltheory, and probably on purpose. The LA based (band?) more than likely went through that awkward demo phase on soundcloud, releasing half-polished muddy messes to a few hundred views, and ultimately decided to rip everything down once they bought that new microphone or got in contact with some hot-shot studio in West Hollywood. Or maybe not? Regardless, with material this solid we’re bound to find out soon enough (I sent a probing email, we’ll see what happens).

This is a song about being at a resort in Mexico. How appropriate! A fireside guitar loop meshes seamlessly with dreamy vocals reminiscent of Chad Van Gaalen or any other shaky-falsetto folk icon, but the tune really kicks in to high-lo gear once the snippy drum snares add pace after the chorus line. And what a chorus line it is! Instantaneously reminded of Abram Shook’s “Coastal”, and appropriately so, however there’s a certain high-production polish present in Pooltheory’s delivery. This is perfectly crafted music waiting to hit your like-stream, so give it a peep and hit repeat.