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Ten Years

Hallelujah Makes Big Ass Timeless Sounds

Once upon a time, birthdays and holidays were exciting times because we knew we’d get presents!!! Woo-hoo! Maybe it was Christmas for you, maybe it was Hanukkah or Chinese New Years. Either way, you know what I mean. The excitement, magic and mystery was like nothing else.

Now I’m older and the holidays don’t have the same magic and mystery to me. But somehow I’ve gotten myself into an enviable position. I wake up every morning and have that same feeling. It’s because I get to open my email and see a whole list of emails from bands, djs and artists sending us the product of their blood, sweat and tears. FN’ A YA’LL!!!! Thank you for sending us your music. We try to get through all of it and by no means do we take your submissions for granted. Thank you, thank you, thank you and keep it coming!

This morning I woke up to a big ‘ol HALLELUJAH in my inbox.

HALLELUJAH is a “new psychedelic blue eyed soul band from Brooklyn”. The band was founded by members of The Fever (Kemado Records) and The Flesh (Kanine and Gern Blandsten Records).  Both bands toured extensively both in the States and abroad before forming Hallelujah.

The seven piece Hallelujah includes a female choir that makes soulful and dramatic wall of sound jams that are layered with hints of classic rock, dramatic strings, well crafted song writing and more hooks than a fisherman’s wharf. The band ties all of these elements together to create a sound that’s as timeless as The Allman Brothers and The Beatles but as current as Spiritualized, Alexander and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Honestly, I wish I could upload this entire album for you guys. There isn’t a bad song on this 11 track self released album. It’s perfect from beginning to end and fully worth the $5 they are charging on their bandcamp page. In the song reborn, the band sings “My time has come”. With an album like this, I have no doubt that it has. You’ll definitely be hearing more about these guys and gals soon. After you check out the album, make sure you give the band some love on Facebook here.

HALLELUJAH is performing this Saturday night at Union Hall in Park Slope (Brooklyn). They’re on at 10, preceded by The Hounds Below (ex Von Bondies).  Get tickets in advance here.

[audio: Reborn.mp3|titles=Hallelujah – Reborn]

Hallelujah – Reborn

[audio: Miracle Jackson.mp3|titles=Hallelujah – Miracle Jackson]
Hallelujah – Miracle Jackson

[audio: Old Time Sickness.mp3|titles=Hallelujah – Old Time Sickness]
Hallelujah – Old Time Sickness

Hallelujah is: Jason Binnick, Kevin Hudson, Geremy Jasper, Chris Sanchez
Additional Piano and Organ: Alan Stevens Hewitt
Additional Vocals: Jazmine Ginyard, Deon Kipping, Natasha Lewis, Erica Wilkins
String Arrangements: Jason Binnick with Miriam Eicher
Violin: Miriam Eicher
Viola: Ben Dean
Cello: Chris Jones
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Sanchez
Mastered by Paul Gold/SALT Mastering
Artwork by Geremy Jasper
©2010 Jasper vs Sanchez (ASCAP)