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Ten Years

Last Album For The Streets?

In 2008, Mike Skinner announced on his MySpace page that the next Streets album would be his last. After almost two years of silence, I was beginning to think that “Everything Is Borrowed” would actually be the last album.

Then earlier this year, Skinner announced that the title of the alleged last album would be “Computers and Blues.” As sad as that sounds, I don’t think that this will be the end of Mike Skinner as a musician. The off-beat, cockney rap category that The Streets have created over the years will exist as one body of work, and Skinner will most likely move on to create a new sub-genre of music (I’m guessing that it will be a sound which makes you want to retreat to a palm tree covered beach somewhere with a spliff and a margarita). He’s “fucking sick” of the “Streets” name and its implications.

“Computers and Blues” was described as “one more banger,” “ravey,” “dancing music you can drink tea to.” But the way it sounds to me is much more mellow then that (at least from what I’ve heard so far). It’s dancing, but not “ravey.” It’s got a little pop to it, but in a funky way. To be fair, I’m basing this all on one song, the first single off the album, “Trust Me,” but I can’t see why this wouldn’t be true for the rest of the album. After all, it seems like a natural progression…evolution of how The Streets have developed over the years.

According to wikipedia, the album will be release early February 2011. But for now, we get to listen to the first single, “Trust Me.”

[audio:|titles= The Streets – Trust Me]
The Streets – Trust Me