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New Videos From Pogo

Pogo released some new sweet videos / musical arrangements this week. Last time we saw him putting together a track centered around the movie “Up”. This time, he’s mixed a magical menagerie of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and a dark ambient track of shuffled Dexter clips. (….magical menagerie … yeah I said it).

Apparently Nick Bertke (the man behind Pogo) isn’t even a full time musician. He has been working at Walt Disney Animation Studios for the past year and still finds time to put together these amazing AV mixes. I’ve read that he left his Walt Disney gig recently, but he still isn’t sure if he should go full-time with his music. If I were you, I would email, call, write him and tell him that you want to see him tour in your neighborhood.

[audio:|titles= Pogo – Symphony 69]
Pogo – Symphony 69