The New LoFi

Ten Years

Leif Vollebekk


Tonight, there’s this unanswerable question that will remain in my mind like smoke hanging in air.  It moves, but it’s slow and unpredictable. Funny thing is, the question hasn’t formed linguistically. It’s a feeling. And somehow it has an inquisitive face.  How vague is that? Emotion can’t always be put into words. It’s truly frustrating but at the same time fascinating. Think about the countless ways emotions are expressed. Of course I’m headed towards the expression of emotion through music, and the superbly talented Leif Vollebekk has mastered this. Right now, he’s probably sitting in the attic of an old character home somewhere in Montreal drinking wine and laughing about misery with his best pals. His smile could light up the souls of an entire concert hall. And his music…oh his music. Where to begin? And should I even begin at all? Perhaps not. My words may not do his art justice, so just listen. You might just feel like you’re whole again for a few minutes. Or 9…or 18…depending on how many times you hit repeat.


[audio:|titles=Leif Vollebekk – “You Couldn’t Lie To Me In Paris (Live Electric Version)”]


[audio:|titles=Leif Vollebekk – “You Couldn’t Lie To Me In Paris”]


” Sur ce, très chère, adieu. “