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Ten Years

Loyle Carner brings his flavor of jazzy R&B over to Canada


Loyle Carner is a force to be reckoned with. The kind of musician so relatable that he allowed NME to go to his home and conduct a video interview. It’s so nice to come across someone who you don’t feel is on some kind of celebrity pedestal. Definitely on a stage, but not a pedestal. Loyle, if you’re reading this, please get on any stage, anywhere in Canada.

Oddly enough, his real name is actually Coyle Larner. He’s dyslexic and decided to stick with his own confused version of his name from when he was young for making music. I won’t get into too much more detail about where he’s from and who he is because I know you’ll be able to find that information out for yourself. But I will say this, Loyle Carner deserves to be heard by anyone who has a tiny shred of good taste in music. His British accent clearly comes swirling through with every verse he raps which only adds to the charm. Loyle released a track titled “Florence” featuring the sweet crooner Kwes earlier this month. I took a close look at the lyrics and it seems to be an adorable love song from a dad to his daughter.  Enjoy and spread the word, this guy needs to be heard!


“I’ll be sticking with, hold her close and deeper within her
She would better me reading the recipe while cooking dinner
My little sinner wander walking in the park
Put her to bed and end up talking till it’s dark”

Loyle Carner · Florence (feat. kwes.)