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Ten Years

Lowly: “Heba”

Being a music critic is, in my opinion, one of the most ridiculous occupations a person could have. I’ve always failed to understand how individuals can measure the attributes of a song and decide upon a grade or rating that seems fitting. It nearly feels disrespectful; It feels like an attempt to strip listeners of the power to form their own relationship with a set of sounds. I believe we perceive with our ears completely different waves than a person sitting beside us. This perception of sound solely relies on individual mood or mindset. So, who is anyone to judge the quality of any piece of music —It seems unnatural.

On a separate note, here is the latest project from Lowly, courtesy of Bella Union Inc. According to the Danish noise-pop band, “Heba” was named after a friend of theirs who emigrated from Syria as a result of the ongoing, unfortunate circumstances.

“We are not a particularly political band, but we recorded the album while thousands of people were fleeing and getting killed. The frustration of Europe and our own country being unwilling to help, and bureaucracy being valued higher than human lives, affected us deeply,” they said.

Listen to “Heba” here: