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Ten Years

Lucknow Pact Release A Sweet New VIdeo

This video cracks me up. What the hell are they doing shaking all over the place? Does the Red White and black have a meaning, or is it just an inside joke…. and why ARE THEY DOING ALL THAT SHAKING! haha.

The video is shot with a great vintage-y seventies-esque color scheme, and the song totally rocks too.

Lucknow is a city in India. The Lucknow Pact is an agreement between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League aurguing to give more power to Indian nationals to run India (as opposed to the British). Lucknow Pact the band is a three piece from Gothenburg, Sweden. You can get a listen of their full album on their website

Close your eyes and listen

[audio: in the sun.mp3|titles=Lucknow Pact – Waiting in the Sun]
Lucknow Pact – Waiting in the Sun