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Maria Usbeck – Moai Y Yo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! To celebrate my favorite Mexican holiday I wanted to eat loads of burritos and drink margarita’s share this amazing single with you from Ecuadorian singer/songwriter Maria Usbeck. The track is called “Moai Y Yo” and it’s off of her debut full-length album called Amparo. The album was written and recorded over three years and across seven countries in some amazing areas including L.A., Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Easter Island, Santiago, Ecuador, Costa Rica and her current home of Brooklyn. Bonus info: The album was produced by Caroline Polacheck from Chairlift.

Usbeck borrowed the languages of the countries she visited while recording and cleverly folded them into her lyrics. Rapa Nui from Easter Island, Quichua from Ecuador, Bribri from Costa Rica, and Catalan can all be found on Amparo. She doesn’t sing literally in those other languages but rather uses the words from the other languages to color her lyrics impressionisticly… “like a mockingbird imitating fragments of other bird calls.”

Truth is, there is no description that will do her music justice. You have to listen to it to understand:

Maria Usbeck – Moai Y Yo