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Moullinex x Hypersex

Luis Clara Gomes (aka Moullinex) has been at the top of my list of artists since 2010. He’s been featured on this blog more than a few times and both his albums have been excellent.

With his third album, Hypersex, Moullinex is taking things to the next level. Gomes admits that his latest album is a collective love letter to Club Culture. A celebration of its diversity, openness to exploration and the birthplace of many social, cultural and political movements. As far as Gomes is concerned, the dance floor is a place with room for anyone and everyone…. regardless of origin, political views, race, religion, gender or sexuality.

“When I started working on [the album] in 2016, an unprecedented refugee crisis was happening and Europe was turning its back on it,” explains Gomes. “In the US, a massacre had just taken place in a gay nightclub in Orlando and the country was getting ready to elect Donald Trump. I had to respond. So I reached out to like-minded artists I admired, and set out to create my most collaborative project yet. The world we live in is getting sadder and grey” continues Gomes. “We don’t expect to change it with a record, but we might as well add some colour to it.”

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Much like hypertext is a system designed to multiply connections between ideas, the album “Hypersex” was designed to multiply connections between people. It’s also a metaphor for the dancefloor: a place where, throughout history, we came together and created something new.

When creating the album, Moullinex extended the creative process to several guest singers he’s never worked with before, including Fritz Helder (Azari & III), Georgia Anne Muldrow (Flying Lotus, Mos Def), UhAhUh and Tee Flowers. He also included some long time collaboration partners like Iwona Skwarek (Rebeka), Best Youth, Marta Ren and Da Chick. With each guest he visits each aspect of his infatuation for groove: sunny House music, tropical psychedelia with Brazilian curves, modern soul with a foot in the classics of Motown, jazzy melodies that never take themselves too seriously.

Following on from the release of his 3rd album ‘Hypersex’, Moullinex is collaborating with video artist Rui Clara Gomes on a series of what they’re calling ‘Chroma Live Sessions’. Every two weeks for the next couple of months Moullinex and his band will be streaming a performance on Facebook ( ) that Rui will be editing and ‘painting’ over live. The first performance, of the track ‘The Huggers’, is now available to watch above in all it’s bright and bold beauty. Once all 4 tracks have been performed live they will be giving away the raw footage for anyone to play around with.

After Rui Gomes’ live videos, a complete “raw” version of this Green Screen session will be released online in a “open source” challenge to video makers out there. Stay tuned!

Moullinex – The Huggers