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Ten Years

Oblik Lines

If you like ambient cinematic electronic music, you need to take a listen to this new project from a Paris-based composer and sound designer, Sebastien Gulluni, called Oblik Lines.

With his debut EP set to be released at the end of this summer, Gulluni has released a couple of singles to introduce you to his sound. “It’s a kind of introspection, a first attempt to create bridges between my obsessions for various sounds and musical styles,” says the Gulluni. His first single, “Ghost on the tape,” has elements of piano and driving percussion with a touch of strings which culminates in lovely cinematic tracks. The EP has a distinctly minimal feel to it with touches of haunting sounds and elements of distortion throughout. You could just imagine it being the soundtrack to a movie.

“Maybe it is utopian but if one day we could reunite idm lovers, modern classical fans and electroacoustic elitist in the same concert that would be a huge victory.”

Look out for the Oblik Lines 5 track EP, entitled Call EP, on August 2nd.

Oblik Lines – Ghost On The Tape