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Odter – Jungle Teeth

What makes a rap a short rap? Is it a rap that doesn’t rap very long? Or is it a rap that doesn’t have much to say? In the case of OdderOtter, it’s always the former as opposed to the latter. Smashing words together at a furious pace, the Calgary based hip-hop artist and producer is no stranger to slinging releases as quickly as he slings syllables. However there’s something special about his latest, “Jungle Teeth”, as Odter maintains his frenetic pace dishing out grotesqueries in the streets of Tokyo. Filmed by Alex Leung, “Jungle Teeth” sees our hero ambivalently delivering rhyme after rhyme while practically drowning in the flashing lights and busy streets of Japan. But Odter’s don’t need to surface for air very often, and whether it’s a crowded subway or a crowded 16-bars, the Calgary MC has plenty of oxygen to spare.

Check out the video below


Make sure to head over to Odter’s soundcloud page for more short raps and medium raps and raps of various lengtheries.