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Pierce Fulton x NVDES

Vermont native, Pierce Fulton, has just released another collaboration with NVDES! Why is this exciting? because they are both making some interesting sounds in the indie-pop genre. They’re both making indie music that you can dance to, and I love it.

The first time Fulton teamed up with NVDES was last year on his track “Borrowed Lives” and it was pretty successful. I think I remember dancing on my own while I was brushing my teeth before bed. I know..right?!

After the success of “Borrowed Lives” the two artists decided to get back in the studio together to make sweet sweet magic. I mean music. The result is the lead single on Fulton’s upcoming debut album and it’s called “Better Places.” The crazy part is that a majority of the instruments from the song were recorded with their iPhones!

“Kazoo could be listed as a main instrument” says Fulton when talking about the track. “It’s my favorite song I’ve ever done.”

Pierce Fulton – Better Places (featuring NVDES)

Pierce Fulton – Borrowed Lives (featuring NVDES)