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Ten Years

Pogo / Remixes Disney Pixar’s “UP”

I’m breaking my own rule by posting new music too often but I found a song/video that was really fun and I just had to put it up. Pogo (born Nick Bertke) is an electronic musician/video artist living in Perth, Western Australia. He is known for sampling small sounds from children’s films and sequencing them together to form unique and playful dance music where the original words become completely nonsensical sounds.

The name Pogo makes sense for his moniker because his music kind of sounds like a pogo stick or a pogo dance would look. The pogo dance is where dancers jump up and down, remaining in the same location keeping their torso stiff, their arms rigid, and their legs close together. So hit play, put your arms together and pogo around your living room, pilates studio, bedroom, campground, design studio, glass shop or wherever else you may be right now. If you’re really up for a challenge, try figuring out what movies he’s sampling without watching the videos. Cheers, D-Hall