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Portugal. The Man 13 Minute Epic Video

Tickets for Portugal. The Man went on sale yesterday for Terminal 5. The show is on Thursday, Oct 20. Hopefully you already got tickets because they’re going to sell out quick. If you haven’t snatched any up yet, we have a few extras that we’ll be giving away in October right before the show. To keep an eye out for our give away, follow us on Facebook. We are giving away tickets this week for The Black Lips as well. If you are interested in those, it’s the same drill, just “like” us on Facebook and we will be giving tickets out to fans at random the day before the show.

Anyhow, this video is fucking epic. I watched it last night projected huge on my wall with a few friends. Sleep Forever is a 13-minute monster music video for two songs “Sleep Alone” and “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now),” from In The Mountain In The Cloud. The story I heard is that the band asked to make their own short film / video and Atlantic, their new record label, was like “we can’t let them just make their own video?!”. Then some pretty brilliant unnamed person at the label said “everything these guys have done so far has been awesome. let them do it.” So apparently the band got a little bit of cash, they flew to Alaska and made this video in stunning high def . . .

Get the new album on iTunes or Spotify. Speaking of Spotify, we gave out a handful of invites last week to our Facebook friends. Hint, hint, hint: as you can see, joining our Fanpage has it’s perks.