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Ten Years

River Tiber: Acid Test


Occasionally an artist comes up with some sort of, genre-bending, unexplainable piece of music. And us music writer types–who are used to glossy descriptors like “dreamy”, “lofi”, and “shimmering”–suddenly we don’t have much to say. When something is groundbreaking, there isn’t much to stand on. But some of us are the first to stand up.

At attention for River Tiber. The Toronto product born Tommy Paxton-Beesley. His debut album Indigo will be dropping June 24.

You might be asking, “Who the Hell Is River Tiber?” But Noisey already beat you to the punch over a year ago writing “he’s an artist who is one credit away from the fame and recognition he deserves.” How long come someone hold position poised?

Let’s just see what happens.

[audio:|titles=River Tiber – Acid Test]River Tiber – Acid Test