The New LoFi

Ten Years


I remember when I first discovered “Silk”. I was in Europe and had to spend a lot of time traveling by foot and train. Being in foreign cities with beauty surrounding me was even sweeter with background music, especially by Giselle.  Her ethereal vocals put me into a delightfully contemplative trance.

There are a number of remixes of this one and it took me a while to find my favourites. They have a very different mood from the original but they add some really interesting layers. I’ve attached two remixes and the original track here…you’ll want to use some quality speakers for these babies.

[audio:|titles=Giselle – Silk]
Giselle Silk

[audio:|titles=Giselle – Silk (Water Graves Remix)]
Giselle Silk (Water Graves Remix)

[audio:|titles=Giselle – Silk (Cosmic Kids Remix)]
Giselle Silk (Cosmic Kids Remix)