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Ten Years


It’s Sunday morning in London. I’ve woken up to gently falling snowflakes outside my window and a view of rooftops thinly veiled with white. London is fantastic when it’s wrapped in snow.

The soundtrack of this morning has been provided by a track called “Some Velvet Morning” produced by a Copenhagen-based newcomer called Sonny. He represents the latest addition to the musical output of the Danish capital city and his music fuses elements of jazz with electronica. Often accompanied by drummer Jim Rindfleish as well as skilled mixing engineers Tony Espie (The Avalanches) on “Alone in Ginza” and Rich Costey (Flying Lotus) on this morning’s track, “Some Velvet Morning.”

Sonny’s new EP, C.E EP was released last Wednesday and it begins with a track called “Agoraphobia.” It’s a reflection on a time shrouded in feelings of angst. The second track, “Alone in Ginza,” is an audio diary of the esoteric Japanese surroundings confronting Sonny on a solo trip around a new city. He closes the EP with “Some Velvet Morning” — the first produced for this project, Sonny admits that it posses an “unintentionally grandioseness with an under current of darkness due to a confliction of insecurity and self-encouragement.”

Not exactly the feeling I got when I woke up to it this morning but hey! That’s the beauty of music isn’t it. Everyone interprets it their own way.

Check out C.E EP on Discogs now and stream the lead single below.

Sonny – Some Velvet Morning