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Ten Years

Son of the Sun

Jeremy Franklin, the guitarist from Son of the Sun passed us a video from their new EP “Almost Not There.” It looks like a 60’s inspired west coast dream sequence that takes place today.

The band derives a unique sound from their bi-costal beginnings. When the band formed in 2007, Joseph Stocker (guitar, keyboards) and Zak Ward (lead vocals, guitar) lived on opposite sides of the country. They would pass tracks back and forth between New York and California experimenting with their sound until in 2008 they released their first EP “Before the After.”

They have a distinctive 60/70’s sound that the band describes as being influenced by “The Kinks, The Who, Harry Nilsson, Roy Orbison etc.”

Check them out at the Let’s Get Messy party for CMJ on Saturday October 22nd at Arlene’s Grocery, and give their new EP a listen on their website.

[audio:|titles=Son of the Sun – My Best Mistake]
Son of the Sun – My Best Mistake

[audio:|titles=Son of the Sun – Don’t Worry]
Son of the Sun – Don’t Worry