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The Everywheres: Dignity Fever

dignity fever

The Everywheres have been, well.. everywhere as of late. After blowing up Shazaam for their spot on an episode of ‘Broad City’ (somebody give their agent a raise), the Halifax natives dropped their album Dignity Fever yesterday. The port city has been pumping out talent for years (Walrus, Wintersleep, The Brood), and if you’re lucky enough to live along the East Coast it shouldn’t be a surprise. The Everywheres are a culmination in every sense; their wandering line-up of talent, their psychedelic soundscapes, and their palpable rock revivalist influences.

Dignity Fever is classic rock cooked to perfection. Dreamy vocals, twangy riffs and a generous sprinkling of old-school organ. It’s an incredibly mature album, and another testament to Father/Daughter Records’ impeccable taste. From ocean to ocean, you’ll soon be hearing Dignity Fever-.. well

I’m not gonna say it.