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(Video) Mitski: Your Best American Girl


The first lady of hopeless romanticism, Mitski’s latest video for her single “Your Best American Girl” is the culmination of everything that could possibly go right for a music video. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even become slightly aroused. Who doesn’t want to watch two Coachella-ready white models make-out? And that’s just the point: there aren’t a whole lot of hopeless romantic narratives in mainstream culture that don’t revolve around the white-male hetero bro. Mitski’s nuanced jabs are a welcome voice of dissent, but she’s not trying to alienate anyone here, “Your Best American Girl” remains infinitely relateable.

Soon to release her fourth album Puberty 2 on June 17th. “Your Best American Girl” is gritty garage rock at its absolute finest, slowly bubbling in to an explosion of self-referential angst. Licks like these haven’t sounded so smooth since Weezer’s Blue. Have a peek.