The New LoFi

Ten Years

Wangel – Seoul


Music is a tool. A tool for understanding oneself, a lens with which we see our emotions, reflected and refracted in fragments embodied in the micro-moments of complete care-free wholeness that sends goosebumps up our arms. A raw, visceral vulnerability that slips through our fingertips, ethereal and yet always present, the interconnected expression of our disjointed and oft lonely lives. Solemn understanding, auditory synchronicity. Our heartbeat.

Danish alt-synth act Wangel’s latest single “Seoul” fills my heart in a way I can’t possibly hope to articulate. Perhaps it is my Danish roots, or perhaps I am particularly vulnerable to the abstract emotional resonance of the eclectic vocal arrangements. But the reasons don’t same to matter when the result is so poignant. When I’m caught in the spirals of self-doubt, the uncertainties of emotional availability and the cascading, ever-crumbling mental constructions of my perceived “true” self, “Seoul” is the song that is resonating, comforting, assuring, and completing. We are forever trapped in the embodiment of our selves, but we are never alone.

I am here. And so are you.