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You Need To Go: Innocent Festival 2016 Preview

This year is the second year of the Innocent Unplugged festival and it is fast becoming one of our favourite new festivals here at The New LoFi. Kicking off on May 28th in Kent, England, Innocent Unplugged is billed as “a weekend off the grid” …a festival where you can unplug and recharge. And by “unplug” the festival organizers mean quite literally that you should unplug.

Consider this: on average, we spend 9 hours a day looking at a screen and we check our phones about two hundred times a day according to research carried out by Tecmark. This festival gives you an opportunity to put down the phone and get reacquainted with nature and people.

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The idea is to spend the weekend in the woods without WiFi, texting, email notifications or even traditional electricity (all the electricity for the lights and stage is generated by stationary bikes, a huge human-driven hamster wheel and other alternative power sources). Say goodbye to Facebook, turn off Twitter, forget Google and prepare yourself for a load of people camping in a forest clearing with great music, real conversations and lungfuls of fresh air.

And as if you needed anymore incentive, this year’s lineup includes The Correspondents, DJ Yoda, Delaire and Mr. Motivator. So if you are ready to digitally unplug and reconnect with nature sign up at

Innocent Festival 2016 Playlist