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Young Magic You With Air

Carpark just announced the addition of the Australian collective Young Magic to their roster. As MusicForPerfectPeople put it, “[We] couldn’t find much information regarding Young Magic other than that it is the new lo-fi psych, soul, boogie and beats brainchild of Isaac.”

Isaac who? For now, it stumps everyone. All the info we’ve found so far is that Isaac plus friends = Young Magic.

The track that’s starting to make the rounds is You with Air. It was recorded and sampled over the last six months in various places around the world by Isaac and friends and his portable studio. The track is haunting and infectious and kind of reminds me of Hot Chip at some points. Check it out and let us know what you think. I’m pretty sure this will be heavily sampled and remixed in months to come. Also. Young Magic is rumored to be based in New York right now so keep an eye out for shows, promos, collaborations, etc.

As an aside to any graphic designers and art directors out there, I think the kaleidoscope is making a come back. In the last 12 hours alone I’ve seen three different designs pass by me from various sources, all using a kaleidoscope effect. The Lykke Li video uses it, Young Magic uses it on their artwork and a portfolio piece was just emailed to me from a designer also using a kaleidoscope effect. Keep an eye out. I gaurantee you’ll see more kaleidoscopes in months to come.

[audio:|titles=You With Air – Young Magic]

You With Air Young Magic