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Ten Years

your kiss is on our LIPS


When I first heard One Not Two by the one woman band LIPS, I was brought back to The Brunettes song “If I was Alien” for a split second. I think mostly because Steph Brown (the one woman in LIPS) and Heather Mansfield (lady voice of The Brunettes) sound slightly similar at times. Ironically enough, both are from New Zealand originally. Other than that, I don’t think there’s any connection.

That said, Steph Brown has relocated to Brooklyn with her entire 1 woman band and is releasing some really fun “DIY Casio Pop” tracks which you can check out on her soundcloud page. Her latest release is a track called “Everything To Me”. Unlike most of her earlier casio pop tunes, this one is slightly downtempo and darkish yet super sultry, sophisticated and sexy while still retaining a super lo-fi vibe. I love this track. I also love that her influences include “Hall and Oates”. I would love to think that she meant us but I know better than that. Shit, we don’t even have our own wikipedia page yet!? One day, maybe one day . . .
[audio: Not Two.mp3|titles=LIPS – One Not Two]
LIPS – One Not Two
[audio: To Me.mp3|titles=LIPS – Everything To Me]
LIPS – Everything To Me