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Andy Shauf shares new video “The Magician”


As a preview to what will inevitably be lauded as one of the best albums this year, Saskatchewan native Andy Shauf shared a video for his latest single, “The Magician”. The video is a visual masterpiece, eclectic and intriguing. Although Shauf himself prefers to fly solo, he and director Winston Hacking meshed their art seamlessly.

“I’ve kind of realized over the past little while that when you are working with someone else you have to let them realize their own artistic vision and work within their own tastes.” says Shauf. “I’m really glad that we gave Winston free reign over the video because he used such beautiful imagery and striking colors to create this collage that I’m proud to have been a part of.”

Hacking had no shortage of material. “My mom gave me a bunch of old postcards from my grandparents’ collection – they were the starting point for the idea and became the backdrop to the video.” he said. “I live in Montreal but the performance shoot had to happen in Toronto so I directed it over Skype. My photographer friend Geoff Fitzgerald shot Andy singing and then sent it to me. I printed out a still frame of Andy’s face and cut out the eyes and mouth. I put the performance video on an iPad and taped the still frame print of Andy overtop. I then shot the IPad with the photo overtop – I wanted him to blend into the “paperteered” collage world seamlessly.”

The effect is intoxicating. With Shauf’s delicate vocals and Hacking’s pop-up book imagery, “The Magician” is sure to cast a spell on anyone who watches.

Andy Shauf’s “The Party” is due May 20th on Arts & Crafts. You can watch the video below.