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Chillwave Wednesday CXLIV

Admittedly, this week’s mix of ‘chillwave’ contains a bit more deep house than usual, but just consider it a sign that summer is over and winter is coming. Enjoy!

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Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.

Dan Shake & Medlar – Walk
It’s not often that a breakthrough producer manages to cause major hype after just one release but when that artist is from the UK, putting out a brilliant EP on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music, you start to realize how it happened in Dan Shake’s case. Now it’s time for Dan to build on this incredible start and from the way things are looking it’s safe to say it’s all going in the right direction.

Tontario – Northern Confessions (ft. Sarah De Warren)
This is the new single from Finnish producer Tontario. Sarah De Warren on vocals.

LUCES – Omega
LUCES is Amtrac and Plastic Plates. Omega is a track from their second EP, Soak.

Nachtbraker – B1 | Le Troubadour

Onra – Will I See You Again?

This week’s playlist

  1. Dan Shake & Medlar – Walk
  2. Tontario — Northern Confessions (ft. Sarah De Warren)
  3. Onra — Will I See You Again?
  4. LUCES — Omega
  5. Subfer – Fraction (Feat. Cameryn)
  6. NVDES – Do You Think About Me (filous Remix)
  7. Justice Skolnik — Miss You
  8. Washed Out – Hard to Say Goodbye (Lone Remix)
  9. slushii — So Long (feat. Madi)
  10. Nachtbraker — Le Troubadour (preview)