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Chillwave Wednesday

Since there was no Sunday Munchies this week, I thought I would make it up to y’all by putting up some chill out tracks. We got some artist from all over the U.S. this week. Mist Glider weaves his chill sounds from Santa Cruz California which makes sense with the ridiculously nice weather they always have there. His single ‘Without You’ is the first single off of his upcoming full length album. It’s available for free on the Mist Glider Soundcloud page.

While the next artist A. Zebra might not hail from an as sunny local in Loveland Colorado, he still manages to capture that summertime chillwave sound just brilliantly. His new track ‘Wavey’ is the first single off of his upcoming second EP. ‘Wavey’ is available for free (or optional donation) on A. Zebra’s bandcamp page.

And last but not least, we have the producer from Nutely, New Jersey who is growing in popularity by the day: Clams Casino. His feet are firmly planted in the downtempo trip-hop chillwave genre but he has a hand in the hip-hop world working on collaboration with rappers like Lil B, Souljah, and A$AP Rocky. If you haven’t heard of Clams Casino yet… you will.