The New LoFi

Ten Years



When I was presented with the opportunity to create a mix to be posted mid-February, I thought about involving some kind of romantic theme. That would be a little too predicable though, wouldn’t it?

The central focus for this compilation of music is growth. I thought about writing some bullshit about the constant cycle of personal evolution in all of our lives. I also thought about getting into the true definition of the word. But at the end of the day, it will mean something different to everyone. What I’m going to offer you is what it means to me.

To really grow as a human, you must be ready to use your stamina. There will most likely be times of despair and pain in the beginning. Removing yourself from the comfort of what is familiar isn’t easy. But I do know that it is worth every moment of disorientation. After that comes your strength and it’s time to press on. And finally when the dust has settled, you can look back on your confusion and see the beauty of where you’ve arrived in a lovely contrast.

I’ve divided this mix into three sections based on that specific train of thought: Bewilderment, Resilience and Understanding. I am infatuated by the French language and for that simple reason I have chosen “Croissance” for the title, which translates to growth. You can listen to the songs separately or as one steady stream of music. I can’t say that there is a specific genre carried through, these are all just some of my favourites.



[audio:,,,,|titles=Parallel Jalebi,Test and Recognize (HWLS Remix),Red,I Heard, Twice (Marco Polo Edition) ]



[audio:,,,|titles=Overcome, Inch of Dust, Indecision, Black River Killer ]



[audio:,,,,,|titles=Intuition, Flotus, At the River, Paralyzed, Everything in its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix), Emanate ]