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Ten Years


Just discovered a new(ish) Bulgarian-born Berlin-based artist called DENA (short for Denitza Todorova). Her debut album FLASH has a fantastic quirky sound that crosses between indie pop and hip hop.. . hip-pop? She’s worked with a wide range of artists from Kool A.D. to The Whitest Boy Alive which might be why her sound is so textured. No two songs are the same on FLASH but the whole album hangs together seamlessly and smoothly. It’s a fantastic album to listen to all the way through or to pick out singles for a mix.

Last month she released a “Summer Deluxe Edition” of her album with additional tracks including “Summer Doesn’t Mean A Thing.” FLASH is out now on iTunes: and Amazon:

DENA – Summer Doesn’t Mean A Thing (prod. by Robot Koch)

DENA – Bad Timing

DENA – Guest List (feat. Kool A.D.)

DENA – Thin Rope