The New LoFi

Ten Years

St Tropez

Oakland band St Tropez just dropped their third single “Let Go”. The song was inspired by the re-discovery of an old high school yearbook during a recent house cleaning session. Thumbing through the pages, vocalist and songwriter Sanjay Vora realized that obsessively hanging on to memories, even painful ones, is like an addiction for him. Lacking a good twelve step program, he chose to pick up his guitar and “Let Go” is what came out. The song follows the conventional verse/chorus format more closely than anything we’ve put out so far, but the atmospheric production always characteristic of St Tropez’s sound is in full effect here. Bubbling synths, dubby delays, echoing vocals and sheets of guitar chaos are wound together, obscuring the song’s poppy bones in glorious psychedelia. St Tropez will be releasing their debut full length later this Fall but until then, keep watching for a video as well as some other assorted treats. Local dates are booked and posted on our website