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Ten Years

El Perro Del Mar’s New Album

I first fell in love with Sarah Assbring, the woman behind the Swedish band called “El Perro Del Mar,” in 2010 when I heard her track “Change of Heart.” That was off her fourth album, entitled “Love is Not Pop.” I was surprised (and happy) to hear that she was releasing her fifth full length album this coming Tuesday called “Pale Fire.” A fifth album can sometimes lead to poor quality… artist selling you on the weight of their name and past achievement rather than working to win your approval for another time. Pale Fire doesn’t fall into that trap. Assbring builds on the sound that she’s created over the years with El Perro Del Mar with this album while channeling more popular artist that are just starting their careers. You can hear elements from a Fever Ray album perhaps, the sound of Bat For Lashes surely… but to say she was borrowing from these artists might not be accurate since El Perro Del Mar has been making music far longer…

You can preorder Pale Fire on Rough Trade Records in the UK or Amazon in North America. And Hype Machine was kind enough to provide us with a full stream of the album below: