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Ten Years

Enter the weird and wonderful world of Moldovan producer: Serge Bulat

Serge Bulat is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician, born a Moldovan-Ukrainian border town under the Soviet Union. In 2009 he immigrated to the US to pursue his musical career.

This month he’s released the first single off of his upcoming concept album, Wurmenai (out March 31st). The album is a hybrid — part culture clash sound adventure, part interactive cartoon. To accompany the album, Bulat has created an experimental video game experience called Wurroom. It’s the album in video game format. It’s a new way of experiencing music.

Check out a sample of the game Wurroom below. It has been hailed as the “weirdest game ever” and currently holds a rating of 9/10 on Steam (where you can play for free). 

When talking about the project Bulat says: “It is largely about our perception of reality, identity, and the endless quest to find the answers. Wurmenai is a map we can gaze upon and figure that identity is not based solely on our birthplace. That migration and interaction with knowledge, technology, arts, and philosophy are what shape us. Being from Moldova, I quite literally had to explain where the country is located by pointing at the globe, often catching myself thinking that I talk about a lost civilization. That non-existent-until-proven factor turns into people’s search for a label. And if there is no label, that means it doesn’t exist. Since labeling doesn’t do anyone any good, why can’t we be all of these different things, influences, and interactions? In the end, that synergy rules our reality. And it doesn’t need a label.”

Wurmenai is out on March 31, 2020. 

Serge Bulat – Foundations (feat. Pavel Vit)